Post Flop Poker Tips for Beginners

by Ryan Eva

Most advice for beginners of poker surround the hand selection i.e. before the flop. There’s no disputing that pre-flop hand selection is important but playing after the first round is critical too. Knowing the right hands to play is only the start of mastering poker. Fortunately for you, in this post we will offer three helpful post-flop Texas Hold’em tips.

1] Miss the flop? Muck your hand
Novice’s struggle to discard pretty hands even if they miss the flop. This is a regular theme for people who learn to exclusively play strong hands but can’t fold after the flop. A hand like ace-queen or ace-king is great before the flop and can be strong if you hit, but if the flop is showing low cards and connected, you could be drawing dead. So, as a beginner, unless you have made a pair or decent draw, it’s best to muck these hands on the flop, especially multi-way at a casino online terpercaya.

2] Bluff more in position
Amateurs can be a little lost playing post-flop poker. They either go into a shell and are risk averse or spew constantly in bad spots. Instead, we recommend you focus on capitalising on position and exercising timely bluffs when people check to you. Even if you have a below average hand or low pair, if they check, you can often win with a single bet. It doesn’t need to be particularly big, even a bet of 40% of the pot can be sufficient if the board is uncoordinated with no discernible draws present.

3] Don’t slow play much
Out final post-flop poker tip is to advise against slow playing. At low stakes games, there is little reason to be checking big hands and either letting opponents draw out or not getting enough value. Truthfully, in low stakes games your best way of getting paid is to just bet your hands down for value. This will enable you to rake in a bigger pot and also enhance your table image as someone that is active and aggressive.

Image Source: Pixabay

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