Guide on How to Play Online BandarQ Gambling

by Ryan Eva

“At Gambling, the deadly sin is to mistake bad play for bad luck.” – Ian Fleming

Keeping in mind the human nature that drives a person to earn as much as possible, gambling has become a new attraction. And among the new types of gambling, pkv games 2021 is by far the most uncomplicated and unambiguous game, which can be mastered by learning its tips & tricks. Below is a detailed guide on how to play the BandarQ game, so that you can also enjoy the game as done by people of all ages in different parts of the world.

Basics of The Game:

Adopted from the domino game, BandarQ requires dominoes as a tool to play. 28 dominoes are used and each domino has a different value. Each player is provided two cards by a dealer. BandarQ is a game played between at least two players. However, it can be played among 8 people at maximum. There must be a dealer in the game otherwise the game cannot start.

The city system is used in this game which rotates the game clockwise, and in this manner, everyone can play as a dealer & a player. Every BandarQ game sets a minimum amount of chips a player needs to have to become a bookie. Therefore, the main challenge is to prepare enough chips in order to become a bookie.

Process of The Game:

  1. In order to start the game, the player needs to buy capital and select a specific table and a seat. The player should be aware of the bets on a table as every table has varied bets.
  2. The player is provided 8 seconds to decide and place as many bets as he desires.
  3. For a player who takes part in betting in the ongoing round, he is provided cards by the dealer. If a player does not bet inside the table, he will not get cards from the dealer in that round.
  4. After the players get the cards from the dealer, the players are required to unhide the cards. The dealer reveals the cards at the end, and the value of the cards, or to be clearer, the no. of red dots is combined and calculated keeping in mind the rules of the game.
  5. The player who has the highest value of the red dots is actually considered the winner of that round.
  6. In case if the dealer & the player happens to come up with the same score, the dealer is considered as the winner.
  7. The dealer is bound to pay double the amount of the bet he placed to the player who gets the score of 9. Whereas if the dealer himself gets the score of 9, all the other players are considered defeated.

Last but Not the Least, How to Calculate the Score:

It is quite vital to understand the rules of evaluating the card values. After combining the card values, if the score is:

  • above 9, subtract 10 from the total score. For example, a score of 10 will be considered 0.
  • Above 19, subtract 20 from the total score. For example, a score of 26 will be considered 6.

Now that you have understood the basic rules and guidelines on how to play the viral online game i.e., BandarQ, make sure you give it a try. Here’s a piece of expert advice: Have faith, patience, and buy as many chips as you can to become the dealer, it will help you with bonuses and in winning also! Happy winning to all of you out there!

“Go big or go home. Because it’s true. What do you have to lose?” – Eliza Dushku

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