Games for the casinos and frequently asked questions

by Ryan Eva

The following are questions regarding games played on คาสิโนออนไลน์ ได้เงินจริง and answers that might help you:

What is the variance when it comes to the online casino games?

The best and simple way in understanding variance is that it has wins and losses or ups and downs that happen when the games are going on. An example is when you flip a coin you expect either heads or tails and if you bet $1 on who is going to win every time, in the long run, they will both have to break even.  In the short term, chances are that, it can go either way, you might win more money or it could be that that you even up. The variance is the short term fluctuation.

Which games are known to have the best odds?

The following are the games which have the best odds :

  • Video poker with .46%
  • Pai Gow power with 1.46%
  • Craps with 1.36%
  • Casino war with 2.88%
  • Blackjack with .28%
  • Baccarat with 1.06%

The above are some of the highly regarded games which you can play in the casino. But you have to remember that the odds keep on changing based on the variation which you will be playing on whether you are going to use optimal strategy or if you will play the side bets or the game payouts or not.

Is it possible counting cards while playing online?

It is not possible at a blackjack table which is run by a random number generator. But it is believed that you can count the cards while playing on a live dealer table. But for online gaming, it seems as if it is not allowed. The 5Dimes has terms that will ensure that your account gets closed in case they suspect that you are counting cards.

How do online casinos happen to catch those counting cards?

It is something that is impossible or pointless to go counting cards online due to the way the algorithm tends to work; the decks are less infinite not mentioning that they can be reshuffled after each hand.

The only games that you can be able to count cards are the ones which have a live dealer. And just like in the land based casinos, casino online are not very keep on it the way the 5Dimes is, where they will ban you in case you are caught.

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