3 Basic Skills Required to Win at Texas Hold’em

by Ryan Eva

We all want to become big winners when we play but unfortunately that is impossible. Some win, some break even and a lot lose at Texas Hold’em. To join the group that win takes multiple skills and a strong mindset. That’s why in this article we’re going to share three skills you can develop to become a winner at Texas Hold’em in 2021 and beyond.

1 – Solid Hand Selection

Practically all winning poker players understand and implement good hand selection pre-flop. They know the types of hands to play from the various seats and in doing so are one less leak away from a good win rate. Fortunately for us, there are thousands of players online who still don’t know or are misguided about what hands are profitable in Texas Hold’em. This is great for us as it gives an edge to anyone who recognises simple concepts like ace-eight is a bad hand from early position.

 If you are one of the players who struggle with pre-flop hand selection – we recommend you consult a texas holdem cheat sheet. They usually give pointers on what hands to play and from where.

2 – Patience

It doesn’t matter if you prefer cash or tournaments, patience is key to becoming a winner in poker. Patience isn’t only about king the different poker hands to play, it’s about using your table image to execute a great bluff or slow playing against a crazy player. It might be setting the perfect trap for your rivals.

A great player has patience in abundance, particularly in tournaments where survival is essential to generating a decent ROI.

3 – Attention to detail

This skill sounds like something you’d see on a job CV doesn’t it? But the truth is watching your table and opponents carefully is a great skill. It will allow you to make excellent decisions and read your opponents better. Those that are distracted, playing too many tables or just don’t care are missing loads of information. This information can be conveyed via several things:

  • The time they take to make a decision
  • Hands they showdown revealing the types of hands they play
  • Betting patterns

Knowing the information above is a huge tool for you. It will help shape your decision making on the various rounds.

Image Source: Freepik